Transforming Reentry With Restorative Practices
and Building a Better World After Incarceration.


We live, today,

in yesterday's worries....


What has happened can never be undone. Our past is static. The future, on the other hand, is dynamic; its consequences, unwritten. History can inform us, can help us understand what’s happening in any given moment. What comes next depends on what we do now. Today.

Restorative Reentry offers an opportunity to process the trauma of incarceration, transform pain into power, and redefine our roles in the lives of others.


We are moving forward, towards life, together, at the speed of trust.


Join us.




Restorative Reentry circles disrupt ordinary power dynamics so we:


  • Come together just as human beings.

  • Build resilience as individuals and as a community. 

  • Inspire one another to be the change we want to see.

  • Grow our collective efficacy from the ground up.